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Your First 30 Minutes in Economics

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Hello There, My name is Gavin Davies and I take a very wide interest in Economics and Business Studies. When I started learning Economics lots of very complicated terms were thrown into my face and I was expected to understand them further. I ... read more

Double your SAT Math score in a week

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This is a course for High School students who would like to improve their SAT Math score. This course was developed for students who feel that they are trying as much as they can but still can't see an improvement in their SAT Math score. This ... read more

Welcome to the course on " Learn basic concepts of Macro Economics ". In this course I will teach the students about the basics concepts of Economics . They will learn classification of Economics. where I will told them about the basic concepts ... read more

Welcome to the guide to basic high school maths. After teaching maths to students for a better part of the decade, one thing that I've come to understand is how difficult a transition from primary school to high school can be for students. Have ... read more

Have you notice that your child is having difficulty with reading and writing in school? Are you noticing an increase in frustration due to their academic concerns? Is this increased level of frustration causing additional concerns in your ... read more

This is the First Unit in a series of courses on High School Equivalency Math Prep. The HSE can be obtained by taking the GED, TASC, or HiSET tests depending on the state you live in. All information pertaining to the GED, TASC, HiSET, HSE can be ... read more

Basics of Macroeconomics

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The course is divided into four sections. In section A, we shall define Macroeconomics and try to understand the major issues of macroeconomics like unemployment, inflation and economic growth. Section B will give you idea about various ... read more

Decision Science

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This course offers a systemetic method of decison making. Decison making process invloves formulation of decison alternatives, states of nature and payoffs. These elements are explained in this course in detail. Decison making under uncertainty ... read more

Ministry Essentials - Keys to Successful Ministry will prepare students for a successful and prosperous ministry. Students will learn how to minister with the Holy Spirit and allow His power to flow through them to the sick and hurting. All ... read more

Udemy Policies

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At Udemy, we have a set of marketplace policies that help create a safe and supportive environment for students and instructors. As an instructor, it's important to understand these policies so that you can succeed in the marketplace. This ... read more

How to Create Your Udemy Course

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Welcome to the Udemy Instructor Community! If you are a new instructor on Udemy, or an existing instructor looking to pick up some new tricks, you've come to the right place. This course is your one-stop-shop for all things ... read more

Data science skills are in much demand today, but it is not just the mathematicians, statisticians, and the computer scientists who can benefit from acquiring them. Data science skills are for everyone! In this course, I help you to begin using ... read more

Never feel confused about the technical side of course creation again! Take this course and follow me step-by-step through the entire course creation process. Udemy has strict guidelines when it comes to camera and audio quality – make ... read more

A Faculty Project Course - Best Professors Teaching the World Computer fonts, Angry Birds, March Madness, and Google — sound like fun?  Indeed, finite math is engaging and influences the world around us.   Equations of lines can ... read more

Polynomial Regression, R, and ggplot

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This course is a sequel to my course "R, ggplot, and Simple Linear Regression". Here we take on polynomial regression and learn how to fit polynomials to data sets. Along the way, we will learn how to write our own functions in R and ... read more

Introduction to the TOEFL

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Students of this course will leave with an understanding of what's on the TOEFL, how to study for it, and test-taking strategies. Each video is watchable in one sitting but is packed with important information that will help you get comfortable ... read more

How to Prepare for Your PMP Exam

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In this 8-lesson course we take you step by step through the process of applying to, studying for and hopefully passing the PMP Exam. It is your quick guide to the most sought after project management certification in the world. The ... read more

Wistia Course Creation Compilation

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Videos on creating videos from our friends at Wistia. Whoh. This course is a continuously updated compilation of ingenious tips and simple techniques to supercharge your course creation. Each lecture is short, sweet and stylish, ... read more

This is a robotics course for absolute beginners. Over the last seven years we have had requests from grandparents, parents and teachers who claim to have no technical knowledge, that the free tutorials we have provided over the ... read more

Master Google Classroom

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Google Classroom will change your life! Remember the old days of making copies, handing out assignments, tracking student work, and manually grading? Google Classroom reinvents those time consuming tasks by introducing a paperless program that ... read more

Louisiana's Birth to Five ELDS

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The Louisiana's Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standard course is designed for all early childhood educators and administrators who work with programs that serve children ages birth through five. This course is divided into the ... read more