Scholarships in Palestine offered by the British Council

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British Council


Said Foundation Scholarship

The Said Foundation aims to promote education and development in the Middle East. To this end, the Foundation offers up to twenty postgraduate scholarships annually to outstanding individuals who demonstrate the potential to become leaders and innovators of change. Applications are restricted to candidates who are Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian or Palestinian (including Palestinians inside Israel)

Check British Council Palestine’s page for more information about the application dates and procedures


Gaza Oxford Brookes University Scholarship 

The Oxford Brookes Gaza Scholarship Scheme is supported by the Asfari Foundation and was created in 2009, out of a strong will to support the people of Gaza through bringing in one student each year at graduate level to undertake a course of study leading to the award of an Oxford Brookes Masters’ degree.

Visit the British Council Palestine’s page for information about application dates and procedures.


Durham Palestine Educational Trust Scholarship

Durham Palestine Educational Trust offers two or three scholarships for a one-year taught Master's Degree at Durham University, UK.

The scholarship comes in two parts:

1.    Durham University awards a tuition fee scholarship. 

2.    This Trust (which is a charity, independent of the University) provides a maintenance scholarship for accommodation, living expenses, travel to the UK and other necessary expenses, such as a UK visa.

Visit the British Council Palestine’s page for information about application dates and procedures.



  • ناديا العبيات
    3/18/2016 11:37 AM

    متى يوجد منح فارغه وان كانت ل بريطانيا او احدى الدول العربيه ...ارجو الرد سريعا ...شكرا

    Last edited: 3/18/2016 11:38 AM

  • الاء عصام خليل ابراهيم (Anonymous)
    10/2/2017 9:56 PM

    جزاكم الله خيرآ على كل خير تقدمونه ..
    انا طالبة محاسبة في جامعة القدس المفتوحة
    خريجة هذا لعام بإذن الله ومسيرتي التعليمية لن تقف على البكالويس ان شاء الله .. اطمح بإن احصل على الدكتوراه بإذن الله لكي اكون عنصر فعال في مجتمعي وامنحه قدر المستطاع
    اتمنى ان احصل على لمزيد من التشجيع النفسي والمعنوي والمادي
    والسلام وعليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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