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Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES)

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) scholarships, funded by the US Department of State, give secondary school students in many Arab and Islamic countries an opportunity to study at American high schools and live with American host families for one academic year.  Students will be enrolled in a full academic year, involving ten months of high school study in the US, attending classes, labs and extracurricular programs with their American classmates.  YES students will also participate in special enrichment activities, including community service, youth leadership training, a civics education program and other activities that will develop a well-rounded understanding of American culture through interaction with diverse groups of Americans.  

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English Access Microscholarship Program West Bank/Gaza

This two-year program targets non-elite, socio-economically disadvantaged Palestinian youth in grades eight and nine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to study English, learn about American culture and values, and develop important skills that will benefit them academically and, in the future, professionally. Delivery of these services will benefit 1400 socio-economically disadvantaged youth, organized into approximately 59 classes in up to 15 Palestinian communities. 

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  • امل مازن هشام الحلبي (Anonymous)
    12/5/2017 7:43 PM

    نفسى احصل على منحة في خارج واتعلم في الخارج او اطلع زيارة الى الضفة اتعرف على الضفة

  • يحيى احمد حسن قنديل (Anonymous)
    7/26/2019 2:02 PM

    حلمي انو سافر ع امريكا ويدرس فيها اطلع شوف الدنيا برا كيف
    نفسي انو اتقن هاللغة بحبها كتير كتير،،،،
    نفسي اقعد مع امريكان ويكونلي صحاب بأمريكا اقعد معهون ونتبادل الكلام نمزح وننبسط سوا نكون علاقات حلوة بينا بتمنى تستجيبولي 💖💞😍🌹😘🌷💝💋💕💗💓

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