Budget Video Production: Shoot & Edit amazing videos Quickly

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Dear students, I have created this course to cover the subject of the video production. But one more thing - this course is about the Budget Video Production. What does it mean?

It means that this course is directed to the students, who are full of inspiration to create Talking head, Screencast or other Videos, but who do not have enough money for it to their mind. It could be bloggers, journalists, teachers, designers and other talented people, I have concentrated only on Mac Applications users (e.g. users who could run standard Mac OS applications on their Macintosh or Windows laptops and PCs)

I'll explain you promptly how to not spend a lot of money and time to produce exciting and interesting movies and video stories.

The Budget Video Production course take you even less than 2 hours.

It consists of 10 sections that cover these subjects of video industry:

  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Lighting
  • Background and Chroma Key
  • Text overlay
  • Video overlay and Combination
  • Transition Technics

The most part of the sections is Video, but I did not forget about Slides. Drawings and Schemes are outlined there accessibly.

5 Quiz Tests will help you to consolidate your knowledge.

And Finally you could create your own amazing video with effective emphasizes.

You should take this course as it is easy to go through, it covers one of the must have skills, and gives you huge capabilities of doing videos yourself using low budget and shortage of time.

This course will not probably fit you if run other than Windows or Macintosh software.

Nevertheless, Welcome to the Budget Video Production.

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