Get a job you didn't know about using your secret network.

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I have got lots of people jobs. Good jobs. I have done this by having a pro-active networking stance. I do this naturally, and decided it's time to share what I do to help others navigate their way through life's opportunities into jobs they love.

I'll step you through what I do in my mind. It's two simple steps.

Step 1. Broaden your horizons. This step is about intentionally investigating what these might be for YOU. I'll step you through a process that enables your brain to think outside the box and discover options that you never new existed.

Step 2. Network like a boss. In this section I'll talk you through how to network like a boss, even if it's not normally your thing. It will likely feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but I'll share some insights that will help make it as easy as possible, expose your existing networks, step you through getting onto LinkedIn, and help you have conversations that position you to end up employed.

**Bonus - each step is facilitated by working your way through a simple downloadble form that is provided for free as part of the course!

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