Introduction To Parenting Styles & Techniques

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This course is an introduction to parenting styles and techniques. On the course you will learn about the four parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. The course then delves deeper into the authoritative parenting style, which is the optimal parenting style, explaining about the parenting behaviours that make up that style. This parenting courses also covers how to manage challenging behaviour, how to set boundaries and consequences, and parenting communication skills, as well as how to effectively use star/rewards charts, and how to relax, as remaining calm is one of the most important skills a parent can learn.

The course consists of video lectures and has a PDF of the notes at the end. This parenting course should take about three hours to complete.

This course is for parents that would like to learn more about being an effective parent, or would like to know what the best way to parent is. It is for parents that have children or teens exhibiting challenging behaviour who would like to know what they can do to manage that behaviour, and perhaps check to see if they are doing all they can already.

Some people may take the course just looking for reassurance that they are already doing everything right. Some parents can be doing everything right but not yet getting the results they are after which can be challenging or disheartening and can lead to doubt. Taking this course and seeing you are doing everything correctly can help to give extra motivation to stick with what you are doing.

This course is also suitable for professionals working with parents or families that are either new to the role or haven't had training on parenting styles and techniques.

This course is based on the instructors 15 years experience working with families in their own homes and working with teens and children with emotional and behavioural difficulties within residential children's homes. The instructor also helped to set up a therapeutic children's home and has trained local authority family support staff and social workers in parenting, as well as holding parenting and family courses on topics from parenting skills to child/teen to parent violence/abuse.

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