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As a new Udemy instructor with no mailing list or target audience. I create my 1st course and got it approve in Mid October 2015. While udemy does a good in promoting my course but I want to improve my udemy sales. I do not have any mailing list or any target audience.

Well my effort pay off. Promoting udemy courses on warrior forum have double my sales. Promoting on warrior forum cost $20. and I can easily breakeven just by having 2 sales. And often the 2 sales will come in just 1 hour after your WSO is approve. This is a no brainer to me. If I spend $20 for every advetisement campaign and it can bring me $100 - $200 of extra sales. I will do this forever.

We need to understand not all courses are suitable to be promoted on warrior forum. The forum is a internet marketing forum. Home business, SEO, Internet marketing on make money course sell very well there. Course like how to feed a dog, or eat healthy will not do well. So we need to understand which course we should promote.

I take you hand by hand, from preparing a WSO to creating your very first WSO. you will see me walk you thru and look over my shoulder as I create a new WSO for my ebay course.

So instructor if you want to increase your course sales. You have to serious look at warrior forum as a promotional tools.

This course is not just for udemy instructor, if you have a service or a ebook or product that you want to market or sell on warrior forum, the same strategy apply.

Promoting your own udemy sales also bring up another good point you keep 97% of the profit. If you promote your course on warrior forum for $10. you get to keep $9.70. And as I mention you only need 2 sales to breakeven on the advertisement fees. And in the worst case your course do not sell, you only lose $20

What are you waiting for? I will see you on the inside

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